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Excellent Resourses to learn about KuneKune and is it right for your farm

KuneKune Pigs Pefect for Small Farms

British Kunekune Society  https://www.britishkunekunesociety.org.uk/articles/KunesForMeat.aspx

American Kunekune Sociaty Link  http://www.americankunekunepigsociety.com/kkhistory
Currently we  have a litter  born Nov 17th, 2019 of 8 total.  Currently  still available are  4 male and 2 females.  Male $150 and Females $250 discount for two or more.   They do better in pairs or more of same size.  

2nd litter botn Jan 7th,  2020 1 male available when weaned at 8 weeks old. 

We have 2 adult females and 1 adult boar available:
Yara born 10/25/2018 Brown/Beige markings female never bred $275
Caitlyn born 4/1/2016 Black/Cream markings female $275
Jon born 6/16/2018 Black/Cream male sweet heart $300 or trade another boar - father of both litters below

Deposit required to hold.  We take credit cards via Paypal and have a contract. thanks

8 baby Kunekune.  Kunekune are not large 800 lb rooting pigs that destroy your pastures. The average weight of our adults is 175-250 lbs.  Kunekune are grazers like other ruminants such as sheep and cattle. They are originally from New Zealand and Asia.  They have a wonderful loving, friendly nature and are incredibly smart. Ours run around the farm yard and come when called. 
They are great with other animals and children.   They are very furry too. 

Current litter out of Victory Acres Jon Snow x Steel Creek Farm Ygritte Born   
Piglets born:  November 17, 2019

Mai Love and TeWhangi bloodlines but not registered in case you are looking to breed 

DeVine Farms is in Southwestern, Suffolk VA 23437 www.devinefarms.net

​Guide to Keeping Kunekune  from the British kunekune Society 


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