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  KuneKune history is conflicting seems they are originally from Asia and sometime in 1790 
they were found on the Maori Island of New Zealand.  More information at Prairie Creek Kids 

Kunekune have a wonderful loving, friendly nature and are incredibly smart.   We have playtime on our farm and let our Kunekune run around farm yard to graze supervised with our miniature horse, chickens, house dogs and guardian dogs. 

Our Kunekune come when called actually better than our dogs most times.  People that visit love watching them all run towards us when called.   They are very talkative and vocalize when they want food, scratches or are displeased.  You will love them too whether you want them for pets or for their fantastic meat.  Kunekune are great with other animals and children.  They are very furry and you can brush their hair.  Yes they have hair not like commercial pigs.  One thing we don't do is hand feed our pigs. Why? Well we don't want them jumping on us or biting for treats or food.  We feed them treats in their bowls or on ground instead.   Kunekune are grazing pigs love eating grass and we have found they only root in winter looking for worms and grubs after a good rain if the grass is lean. 

KuneKune are one of the smallest of the pig breeds. You can expect your Kunekune pigs to live for up to 10-15 years. Oldest recorded Kunekune was 20 yrs old.  Kunekune vary in size from 18" to 30" at the shoulder and weigh between 140-250 lbs. Some of the larger can get up to 400 lbs but that can be from free feeding. They do take a few years to mature. prior to breeding for the safety of the females  One distinctive trait is that Kunekune have two piri or waddles under their chins. Although they are much smaller than other traditional breeds of pig, you should visit some to get an idea of how big they grow, especially if you are going to keep them as adults.  

Current Available Kunekune 2022

Born March 1st available at 8 weeks. 
Two gorgeous kunekune females 

 Adults available as well. 

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