​Dexter Cattle

Raising Quality Traditional Dexter Cattle is our passion and focus!

Dexters are wonderful grazing cattle with incredible personalities and are easy keepers.  
We love all our Dexters.  They pasture with our horses, goats and livestock guardians. 
 You need approximately a half acre of grass per Dexter.  
In winter have a dry lot or sacrifice area and feed good quality hay. 

The Livestock Conservatory states: 

Dexter Cattle are among the smallest breeds of cattle in the world. The Dexter is a dual-purpose breed that is hardy, forage‑efficient, and has excellent maternal qualities. As with other dual‑purpose breeds, the quantity of milk produced varies among strains; those strains selected for dairying produce more milk, while those that have been selected for beef produce less.

Dexter Cattle Breed Abstract

Dexter Breed Facts   

Status:        Recovering            Use:        Dual

Adult Weight:        700 – 1000 lbs            Temperament:    Docile

Experience Level:        Novice - Intermediate            Notes:    Dwarf, dual purpose

Our Dexters are registered with: 

American Dexter Cattle Association

Purebred Dexter Cattle Association

Legacy Cattle Registration

(click on logos to go to their websites for more information)

De Vine Farms 
Dexter Cattle,  Livestock Guardians and Poultry
Located in Suffolk, VA 23437
Cell: (757) 652-0327 E-mail: devinefarms@hughes.net
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"The Dexter breed originated in Ireland. The smallest native breed of cattle in the British Isles, 
they are hardy, dual-purpose cattle, producing excellent beef and milk, an ideal suckler 
cow for conservation grazing. "  

Dexters Available

Our 2024 Calves have started hitting the ground.  
We love calving season!!

We are expecting quite a few calves this year. All will be registered with American Dexter Cattle Association and Legacy Cattle Registry.  All DNA tested for Parentage, Milk, Chondro, PHA and Color.  All our calves eat a little cattle pellets daily with hay and grass. All have been raised with goats, guardian dogs and horses.  They are used to tractor and ATV.   All are beautiful, curious, come running when called and easy going.  All used to being in a corral and walking through cattle chute and head gate.  If you want to halter train them it isn't hard due to their docile nature.  If you haven't had a chance to meet Dexter cattle in person I highly recommend it.  You will fall in love with this breed like we have. ❤️😊

Currently taking deposits for available heifer calves on the ground and available when weaned. Please call us if interested.

Please email us and let us know what you are looking for.   
You can also go to our Facebook page and follow us. We post all the births same day.

DeVine Farms Suffolk VA      Facebook link     or copy and paste:  

Some pics of herd below

De Vine Farms 
Dexter Cattle, Livestock Guardians and Poultry
Located in Suffolk, VA 23437
Cell: (757) 652-0327 E-mail: devinefarms@hughes.net
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Meet Twisted Willow's Andre 
Our very handsome herdsire

Andre is a Traditional Legacy and ADCA registered 
A2A2, Non-Chondro, PHA Negative and carries Red