De Vine Farms 
Dexter Cattle, Livestock Guardians and Poultry
Located in Suffolk, VA 23437
Cell: (757) 652-0327 E-mail: devinefarms@hughes.net
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DeVine Farms 
Dexter Cattle, Livestock Guardians and Poultry
Located in Suffolk, VA 23437
Cell: (757) 652-0327 E-mail: devinefarms@hughes.net
This page was last updated: March 11, 2023
Welcome to our Poultry Page

We are proud to announce we are affiliated with the BEST Automated Coop Door Opener on the market. 
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Chickens, Ducks and Guinea

​Looking for hens or roosters for your own flock?  We may have what you are looking for.
Pick up at farm by appointment only.  We do not go to swaps and try to keep a closed flock. 
Our flock is wormed regularly for parasites and during this time we don't sell those eggs.  

Prices for  adult chickens start $15 and up based on age, sex and breed.  Discount for 6 or more. We have varied ages of chicks some are frizzles (they go fast). On our farm we raise Cochin, Polish, Sultan, Aracauna and Easter Eggers.   

We sell limited straight run chicks of: Cochin, Araucana and Easter Eggers 

All our poultry free range during the day and in coop at night.

Watch a chick hatch here  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fX75nC0ZBDY
From our Farm to your Table
$5.00 a dozen

Call for appointment  757-652-0327

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